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using concrete to create an outdoor living space

Do you want an area outside of your home where you can entertain guests? Maybe, you just want a patio where your family can gather for an outdoor dinner on a warm summer's night. If so, it is quite possible that you could have a concrete patio installed for less money than you might think. You can learn all about how concrete can be used for many of the elements of your patio. Concrete is easy to maintain and can last many, many years, so it is a great material to use in such a way. Visit my website to see how many things I have made out of concrete for my patio and learn the estimated cost of each item.

using concrete to create an outdoor living space

Tips For Using Ready-Mix To Build Your Patio

by Eugene Mitchell

If you're going to put in a patio yourself, you'll need to decide if you'll mix the concrete or if you'll have ready-mix delivered. Installing a patio is hard work with all the effort it takes to level the ground and compact the base. The last thing you want to do is ruin it by mixing the concrete with too much or too little water. Concrete is a strong and durable material, but only if it is mixed correctly and handled properly before it cures. That's why having ready-mix concrete delivered is a good idea. Here are some things to know about ordering and using ready-mix concrete.

See If The Supplier Will Visit Your Home

It's usually a good idea to call the supplier and schedule a home visit before the ready-mix is delivered. This ensures the truck will have the access it needs on your property. If the truck can't reach the patio area, the concrete will have to be pumped to the location. Also, when the supplier visits your home and sees your intended project, he or she can verify that you're ordering the right type and amount of concrete for the job.

Order The Ready-Mix

You'll probably need to schedule a time in advance for the concrete to be delivered, so you'll want to have the base finished and be ready to spread out the ready-mix as soon as the truck arrives. You'll need to calculate how quickly you can work and determine if you'll need more than one truck delivery. If so, you'll want to schedule the timing of the second truck so it doesn't arrive too late or too early. In addition to establishing the timeline of your delivery, you'll want to order the right mix of concrete. The supplier can help you figure out what additions are needed to the basic mix, for example, if you want to slow down the curing process so you have time for stamping.

You don't necessarily need to know what admixtures are necessary, but you do need to let the supplier know what you intend to do with the concrete so the right mixture is made at the right ratio for your needs. Finally, you'll need to order the right amount of ready-mix. If you order too much, you'll waste money and have extra concrete you need to get rid of. You can calculate how much you need by measuring the length, width, and desired depth of the concrete to find the cubic yards you need to order.

Prepare For Delivery Day

Working with concrete isn't too difficult, but you have to understand how much time you have before it cures. If a storm blows up, it could wreck your project. You may need to cancel the delivery if rain is a possibility. You may also want a delivery as early in the day as possible so you won't have to worry about intense solar heat interfering with your work. You want to be waiting for the truck and ready to go to work as soon as the ready-mix arrives.

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