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using concrete to create an outdoor living space

Do you want an area outside of your home where you can entertain guests? Maybe, you just want a patio where your family can gather for an outdoor dinner on a warm summer's night. If so, it is quite possible that you could have a concrete patio installed for less money than you might think. You can learn all about how concrete can be used for many of the elements of your patio. Concrete is easy to maintain and can last many, many years, so it is a great material to use in such a way. Visit my website to see how many things I have made out of concrete for my patio and learn the estimated cost of each item.

using concrete to create an outdoor living space

4 Things To Consider When Putting Down Pavers In Your Backyard

by Eugene Mitchell

If you are planning on putting down pavers in your backyard to create a new patio, there are a few different things that you need to take into consideration through the process.

Create A Solid Base

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you create a really solid base. You are going to want to dig out the dirt before you lay down the pavement. You are going to want to dig below where the roots are for your yard to get the most solid base. Then you are going to want to compact the dirt, lay down a landscaping pad to prevent weed growth, and then lay a layer of sand. This solid base will ensure that your new patio doesn't move around.

Account For Drainage

Second, it is important that you take drainage into account when building your patio. If your patio is completely level, the rain is going to have nowhere to go. You actually want to create your new patio so that it is sloped towards your drainage plane. You want the water to drain away from your home so that it doesn't compromise your foundation. Instead, make sure that your patio is sloped at enough of an angle to allow for proper drainage.

Make A Tight Edge

Third, you need to make sure that you keep a tight edge so that the pavers that you use for your patio do not move. You are going to want to plan and make space for an edge on the patio. You can create a tight edge around your new patio by using either metal or vinyl edging. You can also pour a cement lip around the edge of your pavers to create the edge of your patio. This will help keep your pavers in place and will help keep weeds out of your patio.

Cut Straight

In order to fill in your patio and to create the perfect pattern, you are going to want to cut the pavers. You can cut the pavers using a cold chisel or by using a wet saw. A cold chisel will work if you only have to make a few cuts; however, if you are going to have to make a lot of cuts, you are going to want to use a wet saw to keep the cuts precise and to save you time.

Use the four tips above to create a solid patio out of pavers in your backyard