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using concrete to create an outdoor living space

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using concrete to create an outdoor living space

Concrete Floor Makeover: 4 Tips For Using An Acid Stain

by Eugene Mitchell

Concrete is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options for small businesses. It might seem odd, since concrete is usually used outdoors. However, concrete is a viable option for its strength and low price. It's also quite beautiful, since staining or painting can bring out its complex beauty. Acid staining is one popular choice for concrete, as it transforms the color into something deep and stunning.

Like most stains, acid staining can be done with a four-step approach. If you are thinking of acid staining your concrete floors yourself, use these four helpful tips:

1. Clean Thoroughly

Dirt and other debris can quickly throw a wrench into your concrete floor. If you want to stain your concrete floor yourself, make sure it is extremely clean. Any dirt, debris, or residues left behind will be visible after staining. So make sure you sweep, wash, and remove any glue or other residue before applying the stain. You might also want to consider fixing any imperfections before applying it, because those will become more noticeable too.

2. Sample An Area

Before applying the acid stain to your entire concrete floor, do a test spot. Apply the stain in a clean spot on your floor that won't be noticed. Let the stain sit, rinse it, and check the area after it has dried. You want to make sure you will like the final result, as it is a long process.

As a helpful hint, remember that the final color of the floor will be different than you imagine. After applying the stain, you will notice that the color changes. The true color of the stain is the color it is when it is wet. If you want to check the color, use a damp paper towel to wet the spot and then check.

3. Dilute The Stain

A common mistake many people make is not diluting the acid stain with water. However, it should rarely be applied without diluting it, as it can create a very dark, almost black floor. If you don't want an extremely dark floor, make sure you dilute the stain 50/50, so it should be one part water and one part stain.

4. Back Out

Finally, make sure you start applying the stain in the farthest corner in the room. You want to apply the stain in a backwards motion, so that you don't walk over it on your way out of the door. Start in one far corner, move to the next, and slowly back out as you apply the stain.

Acid staining a concrete floor can really transform it from dull to elegant. If you want to take a DIY approach, use these four tips. Otherwise, contact a commercial concrete contractor for help.