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using concrete to create an outdoor living space

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using concrete to create an outdoor living space

Basic Tips For Using Decorative Flatwork Concrete

by Eugene Mitchell

If you notice that there are several cracks, pop-outs and scaling issues with the ground materials in your yard, it may be time to have it repaired or upgraded. Consider having decorative flatwork concrete added, which is considered a durable alternative to materials such as brick or flagstone. The flatwork is also available in a variety of textures, shapes and materials enabling homeowners to spruce up the aesthetic appeal of their outdoor space. For instance, the decorative concrete can be used to add a walkway, the flooring of your patio, on the terrace and pool deck. The information listed below provides some tips for using decorative flatwork concrete to enhance your outdoor curb appeal.

Sustainable Concrete

In addition to being durable, the sustainable concrete is also considered sustainable and efficient for outdoor use. The concrete can withstand most weather related natural disasters, including extreme wind-driven rain. It is even sustainable against moisture damage caused by possible pools of water. The flatwork concrete is also recyclable for use with concrete recycle companies as fill and road base material.

Textured Concrete

Flatwork concrete can be used to create a textured look because it has an exposed aggregate finish, which makes it easier to incorporate a variety of different abstract designs. The textured look of the concrete is generally achieved by cleaning and brushing away mortar that remains on the surface once the concrete starts to solidify. As a bonus, before the concrete hardens, you can also have stone such as marble, pebbles and granite chips embedded into the surface to create a more distinctive look.

Stamped Concrete

Flatwork concrete can incorporate pattern-stamped designs which are constructed using special stamps to create a more customized look for your outdoor landscape. This is achieved with the use of mechanical tools that create decorative impressions within the concrete before it hardens. The type of patterns created with pattern-stamped tools can include interlocked plank patterns, rock salt embossing and basket weave patterns.

Colored Concrete

Flatwork concrete is somewhat versatile and can be cast in several different colors including earth tones and pastels. These colors can be created by mixing the concrete with mineral pigments. However, when adding deeper toned colors, concrete contractors apply finishers, using the "dry-shake" method. This is achieved by sprinkling powdered or prepackaged color hardeners onto the freshly applied concrete.

If you are unsure what type of decorative flatwork concrete designs work best for your home, consider consulting with a concrete contractor at Planit Dirt, Inc.